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Originally Posted by jsgoddess View Post
Interesting take on the Manafort/Papadopoulos news from Seth Abramson:
Damn, there's some nuggets in there. Abramson seems to believe today is the beginning of the end for the Trump admin, but that things are going to get uglier from here. "We must cast aside old notions of what sort of behavior is "likely" in a politician and how/whether independent journos can contribute...Things will get worse in America—very ugly—before they get better. We all must prepare ourselves now with knowledge of the facts."

Everyone stop what you're doing and read that link.

My favorite from that Tweet series:

102/ I want to make a perhaps obvious point: were Trump not a narcissist, we might expect him to resign the presidency this week. He's done.

103/ He told America for months and months and months he knew of no Russia connections on his campaign. But he *did*—as of March 31st, 2016.