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Counterquestions - are accusations of frivolous accusations of bigotry used to silence people and stifle debate? And is this more common than the opposite problem? Call it a false positive/false negative problem.

Given the absolute inundation of right-wing discourse with talk of "sjws" and "snowflakes" and how few real examples they just keep bringing up over and over again, and given that those handful of examples are not representative of the norm on college campuses, and given that college campuses aren't even representative of the norm in the broader public... I'm gonna go with false negatives as the bigger problem currently, because you basically cannot bring up structural injustices (or even more specific examples of sexism/racism) online without getting at best "devil's advocates" and at worst Gamergate-style shithead trolls up to your eyeballs. There's a whole cottage industry of cunts like this on youtube like Sargon of Akkad; there is no equivalent mob of social justice scolds screaming racism at nothing.

A far bigger problem than people overusing these terms to water them down is people who amplify every example of overuse (or just invent them outright) in order to pretend that they're already watered down/meaningless.
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