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Originally Posted by Left Hand of Dorkness View Post
This seems to be a pet theory of yours: earlier this year you made this same ridiculous claim about me. It was, of course, wrong as hell. Do you ever find that it's correct? Do you have any evidence to back it up at all? Or is it just too delicious for you (and octopus, apparently) to examine closely?

In case it's not clear, I think it's a very stupid theory, and I've seen very little evidence of its truth, and while I've not found a smoking bullet in the research, the gist of the articles I've skimmed suggests that white folks who live in non-diverse communities harbor greater, not fewer, white supremacist attitudes.
Oh god, you're coming to a great debate discussion digging up old posts to paint a picture of me as a bad wrong thinking person instead of responding to the actual points I am making.

And, as to be expected, your response is focussed on labeling other white people as bad instead of even attempting to entertain the thought that there is a diversity of opinion on this subject in minority communities, or to consider the real world impact of these issues.
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