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Originally Posted by octopus View Post
You see this nuttery on this very board all the time. Itís far from rare.
Okay. Does it ever work? Has there ever been a thread where accusations of bigotry actually shut up the person being called a bigot? Or are people so thoroughly inured to it that even in cases where the accusation is entirely justified, the thread just keeps on chugging? Often for hundreds of posts, even when the racism is super fucking clear? I've never seen it actually work.

This is another thing. There's a huge fucking difference between "someone called me a bigot without reason (and I ignored it and kept talking about how the real problem is anti-white racism for 20+ pages or kept talking about how black people are dumber than white people for 35+ pages)" and "someone called me a bigot without reason, and this led to me being assaulted/deplatformed/etc.".

The former just does not matter. Like, at all. It has literally no effect. I've had a former partner accuse me of racism when I criticized Islam; this was annoying but I pointed out how silly it was and it didn't stop the discussion. It's akin to any stupid rhetorical fallacy - you're going to run into it from time to time, best to just ignore it and move on, and not do what fuckwits like Sargon do and turn a tweet with two notes into something that represents the entire left.

The latter matters, but remains vanishingly rare. I can think of a small handful of examples, which the right brings up without fail every time the issue is mentioned (if this were a common thing, you'd think we'd hear about different, more recent events, rather than the same few cases every single time), but, again, this is not a common thing.

I feel like the OP is conflating the two things. "Shutting down debate" does sound pretty awful, and yeah, what happened to Milo, Murray, and that one Oberlin professor was shitty. But it's exceedingly rare. Meanwhile, someone in a debate calling the other person "racist" and being ignored by everyone else? That's pretty common. It just really doesn't matter.

And that's the typical right-wing gambit - act like the common, inconsequential occurrence of someone calling someone else "racist" and it having no actual fucking impact is the same as someone being assaulted by protesters for being a bigot, and waxing poetic about how scary it is that our free speech is under attack by those evil leftists. And it works. This is a horrifyingly huge part of modern right-wing discourse.