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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
Clarence Thomas is a judge who happens to be black, and Paul Krugman is an economist who happens to be a Jew. They're authorities of their domain, but that doesn't preclude them from offering assessments on matters such as race. I think the burden of proof is on you if you think that Paul Krugman is some kind of self-hating Jewish uncle Tom.
You're missing the point.

It gets tiresome to see attempts at dismissing the viewpoints and feelings of a large number of people of whatever ethnic or religious minority, on the basis that a token figure (or poster, for that matter) who shares a similar background doesn't feel offended (or in the case of Paul Krugman, intimates that The Other Side Is Worse so nevermind, nothing to see here).

Paul Krugman or Clarence Thomas are free to offer personal opinions, but that doesn't make them spokesmen for their ethnicity/race.

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