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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
People are soooo worried about Omar's anti-semitism, well here's the reality: there are many more Jews and Zionists in positions of power in the United States than there are Somali Muslims like Ilhan Omar, so I'd say they're doing just fine. I'd say that their worldview is being rather well represented. Omar's? Not so much.
I'ma argue with everyone here .

First, it doesn't at all matter how many Zionists and/or Jews are in positions of power, in terms of whether antisemitism is a problem. That seems like a real non sequitur to me to mention the number of Jews in power in the US, and honestly it (and other things you've said) is rubbing me the wrong way, as though Jews have so much power in the US that antisemitism is okay.

the Zionist lobby has brainwashed Americans into believing that anyone writing or saying the above is an antisemite. Let me assure everyone reading this that I am not.
That's a pretty gross thing to say in the first sentence. The second sentence? I mean, c'mon man.
Zionism has become an ideology of violent oppression of non-Jews
I reject this accusation entirely. Likud !=Zionism.

Now I'ma argue with Jackmanii:
Originally Posted by Jackmanii
It gets tiresome to see attempts at dismissing the viewpoints and feelings of a large number of people of whatever ethnic or religious minority, on the basis that a token figure (or poster, for that matter) who shares a similar background doesn't feel offended (or in the case of Paul Krugman, intimates that The Other Side Is Worse so nevermind, nothing to see here).
Speaking only for myself, I quoted Waldman's sentence in which he identifies as Jewish because of the exact opposite of what you said. There are attempts--I don't remember if it's in this thread, but it's absolutely happening--to suggest that non-Jews don't get to have an opinion on whether something's antisemitic.

I find that idea reductive and anti-intellectual; but because it's anti-intellectual, it's very difficult to argue persuasively against it. One way to argue against it--or, better yet, to prevent it--is to show that not all Jews agree on what's antisemitic.

That said, the main reason I quoted Waldman is because I think he raised some excellent points about how Omar's words about pledging loyalty are not at all antisemitic. I'd much rather have folks talk about his points than his ethnicity.