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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
The Jews escaping Europe were looking for a safe place to live. That's it. And they had very good reason to believe that the only possibility of a safe place to live was to create their own country. Why on Earth would they believe, after the Holocaust in Europe, America's indifference during the Holocaust and continuing white supremacism, and the rest of the world's pretty much open hostility to Jews, that they would be safe anywhere else?
Remember that America wasn't just indifferent to the Holocaust, there was a large contingent of Americans which was outright pro-Nazi. The American Nazi Party held a huge rally at Madison Square Garden at one point. (This was before the country entered the war, but still!) Many refugees trying to escape the Nazis were denied admission by America and sent back to Europe, where many ended up being killed.

No, it's impossible to find fault with the notion that Jews needed their own country. Not just their own country but their own military also, since they couldn't rely on the armies of the world powers to protect them.

People really do forget sometimes how recently the Holocaust actually happened, there are still people alive today who went through it. And it was the major catalyst for establishing a Jewish state. I think that the state was established in the wrong place; if it were up to me I'd have put it somewhere else; but it wasn't up to me. Anyway, it exists where it is, now, and there's never going to be peace until it's officially recognized. But the Palestinians really need their own state too.