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Originally Posted by BrickBat View Post
"On the side".

Had an acquaintance ( friend of a friend ) who was a 24 carat pain in the ass when eating in a restaurant/diner. Everything "on the side". Hogged all the table space with all his on-the-side stuff.

While I never saw him order beef stew, I wouldn't be surprised that if he did, it would be like:

"Beef stew, with the beef on the side...with the potatoes on the side and the carrots on the side...and oh...can I get extra gravy on the side".
Sorry, I can't agree with this. The alternative is often a game of "Confuse the cook" where nobody is happy. I could order my burger at Red Robin "No tomato, light lettuce, diced onions, extra BBQ sauce" and 99% of the time the kitchen would screw it up. If I just order the "Whiskey River Burger, everything but the cheese on the side" it saves endless confusion and angst between the line cooks and the customer.