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Originally Posted by Sherrerd View Post
No president has to fix the country on his or her own.

As monumental as the job of undoing Trump's damage is, it will be undertaken not by one person, but by many. All a president has to do is to appoint to his or her cabinet people who are smart, knowledgeable, effective, and decent.
...strawman. I haven't claimed that it is the president has to fix the country on their own.

You've offered no evidence that Biden is incapable of making such appointments.
Why would I need to offer evidence for a claim that I haven't made? I don't think on a fundamental level Biden understands the level of threat that the people responsible for elevating Trump into power pose to America as a nation. That doesn't give me confidence he would make the "appropriate appointments." I think there are other candidates that are running that would show a better understanding of the issues at play and would make better choices than Biden would. And to be completely clear lest you demand I provide evidence for this: this is my opinion based on my personal evaluation on the candidates that are running and my knowledge and understanding of Trump, his administration, and how they came to power. I could elaborate on this: but I literally don't have that many hours free in my day.

I'm not a fan of Biden, but his numbers have been good for a while and remain good. At the moment he's the best chance we have of dislodging the rancid clown. Unless, of course, we decide to help the rancid clown by muddying the front-runner.
If the front-runner is running through a muddy puddle we aren't helping the "rancid clown" by pointing out the front-runner is covered in mud. You guys have got to stop trying to "shut-down-the-debate" because you think that something is going to "help Trump." You can't quantify that. You can't quantify the impact of me "disagreeing with Biden" on an internet messageboard will have on the next election. This isn't a "game of checkers." If you are going to defeat Trump then you are going to have to work for it. It isn't going to happen here. You will need to fight to get people out to vote, fight and actively combat voter suppression, fight to ensure the security of the next elections, get out on the streets and make your voices heard. What I do here in this thread isn't going to convince anyone to vote for Trump. So stop pretending that it will.

Seriously, "unsuitable"?
Seriously. Unsuitable.

It's a binary choice. It's Trump or the Democrat. Keep knocking down the Democrats until the one you favor is the only one standing, and you will have achieved the foisting of four more years of Trump (at least) on a world that never deserved such a fate.
What do you think the primary process is all about? It isn't a binary choice. The Democrats should be putting the best candidate forward and to do that there should be honest and robust debate. If Biden has flaws then the best time to discuss that is now. Get all the dirty laundry out in the open now. If Biden wins the primary then I will happily shut my mouth and put in every effort (that I can on the other side of the planet) into seeing he gets elected. But I think there are better candidates. And i think that Biden is seriously problematic. You would do better to listen what other people have to say rather than trying to shut the debate down.