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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
What exactly do you mean by this? Are you saying Obama could have accomplished more but didn't? I just want to make sure I understand your point.
My point is that Obama spent eight years doing his damnedest to reach across the aisle. He believed in it. It's inherent in his 2004 keynote speech that made him a national figure. He ran on it in his 2008 campaign. When he won, he "looked forward, not back" and didn't try to embarrass the GOP with all the evils, up to and including torture, that they'd implicitly endorsed with their support of Bush right to the end of his term, despite the reality that we needed, and still need, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to deal with all that shit. And it was implicit in his policy choices, from making the ARRA (stimulus) smaller to make it more GOP-friendly, to making his final Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, the most GOP-acceptable person he could find without betraying his own party.

And how did the GOP respond?

So my contention is that we've seen how Mitch McConnell responds to a Democratic President who bends over backwards to reach across the aisle. In spades, doubled and redoubled, at the grand slam level.

The notion that Biden will try the same approach, and somehow it'll work this time, Mitch McConnell will not be the Mitch McConnell that he's been since January 2007, including throughout the Obama presidency, is MAGICAL THINKING.

A Presidential candidate has to have three sets of plans:

1) A plan to win the nomination and the election.
2) The plans for the legislation s/he'd get through Congress if the stars aligned and made it possible.
3) A plan for getting that legislation through Congress once s/he's won.

Some candidates are grappling with the challenge that #3 represents, others aren't. Biden's plan is the Magical Unicorn plan of he'll reach across the aisle and McConnell magically won't be the McConnell he was while Obama was President, back in the pre-Trump era that Biden wants to take us back to.