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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
And CO.

I'm willing to hear her case that she has what it takes to do it. I started out this cycle with high hopes she'd make that case well and maybe yet she will! Hearing her before the cycle I thought maybe she had the goods. It could happen.

Biden has the current data behind him that he's the one to best do that, so far he is the one who is strong there, but that could change. He holds the position until someone else makes the convincing case that they could do it as well or better. Yeah, maybe Harris.

If you really think her, what leads you to the conclusion that she'd have coat tails in those battleground states? I'm listening. And really I'd love to be convinced.
I knew the answer you were fishing for, but I certainly don't get the connection. When people talk about how Biden's got a better chance in the general, they talk about PA and the Midwest. But there's only one possible Dem pickup in that region in 2020, and Biden's not exactly burning it up in Iowa. So I threw out another name that seemed to make at least as much sense. Harris might help out in the Western states (AZ, MT, CO) because she's not an Easterner, and she might help out in NC and GA by virtue of being African-American.

That's all I've got, but it seems to make as much sense as anything Biden has to offer in that group of states.

General election polls nationally are generally considered meaningless more than 300 days out, and the same is surely true of state polls, so other affinities would be about all you'd have to go on, this far out.