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The term "personal responsibility," like "family values" or "religious freedom," has become a neoconservative dog whistle. I have not heard anyone I would describe as liberal, or even as compassionate, utter that phrase in years. It may have meant a wider range of things once, but these days it only seems to mean what Akaj described.

Just now I tried to think of examples of people I've judged harshly for, essentially, abdicating personal responsibility, and I can think of plenty; I just use different words. Friend's boyfriend who blamed her for making him mad when he pushed her? Abusive. Co-worker who always asks to borrow money because her husband usually carries cash and she hasn't yet figured out she needs some too? Immature and shortsighted. Acquaintance who thinks he shouldn't have to pay the speeding ticket he so richly deserved? Whiny and stupid. Person who, on at least one occasion, has not fully accepted personal responsibility? Ummm...everyone. Maybe that's why lumping all those things together and pretending only some people are like that and need to be like this is associated with bigotry.