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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
You're right - I'm making assumptions here about his finances.

But Boris was staunchly pro-EU before he decided that a narrow loss while leading the Leave campaign would allow him to ride a wave of resentment into Number 10. Unfortunately he unexpectedly won and immediately ran away from any responsibility to deliver what he'd promised. And now he's back, clearly determined to drive the country toward a no-deal Brexit. If it's not the money, then I don't know what game he's playing - he's not a True Believer and he knows it's not going to turn out to be all the sunshine and lollipops he's been promising.

That's really what's puzzling me. I don't know what he's about. He seems to have sort of bumbled himself into anti-EU politics because back when he was a journalist he found it effortless and the path of least giving a fuck to write alarmist nonsense and that was it - and that is still it. Beyond all the studied and deliberate bumbling, it really seems to me like he's on the side of the devils because, well, he's lazy and that requires the least effort and politics is better than having a real job.
Which is somehow more scary than all the McConnels in the world, to me.
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