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Please help me buy some painted roleplaying figurines

I want to buy some roleplaying figurines for my latest AD+D campaign.

I prefer resin / plastic to lead, at a scale of 25mm for a basic human.
Painted would be good!

In particular I'm looking for:

- Elementals (i.e. Earth / Air / Fire / Water)
- Golems (i.e. Clay / Flesh / Stone / Iron)
- an Efreeti (or similar)
- a Troll
- a Psionic monster
- various Demonic / Devilish types

I found some excellent examples of the latter type here, but the company phone number doesn't work (and they haven't replied to an e-mail either.)

I found it hard to locate a shop that shows me clear pictures, so I hope you lot can come through.

Please let me know about a reliable mail-order shop!
If you can solve the mystery of the company mentioned above (have they gone out of business?), that would be good too.
I live in the UK, but don't mind ordering abroad.
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