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This is my personal opinion and will get controversial.

While Rainbow had Ronnie James Dio I felt every album got better and better. Once Dio left Ritchie Blackmore took the band through pop-metal, AOR and empty classical rock work outs with some highlights along the way but... The end was a mercy killing.

The controversial bit comes with I have never appreciated Ozzy Osbourne's talents. As such I always felt Black Sabbath were musically and lyrically a largely talent free zone - and I DON'T expect many, if any, will agree with that. However I thought the two studio albums Dio did with Black Sabbath were absolutely fantastic. A perfect mix of muscle and melody. Black Sabbath then sunk back without a trace when Dio left. That's my opinion anyway.

It was disappointing for me that as a solo artist Dio never quite seemed to hit the spot again. I was happy for the 'Dragons and Kings' lyrics to stay. He could still sing great, had an ear for melody. Even had decent guitarists on board but... Dio albums sound too amateur for me. Parts are good but there isn't a whole.