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Originally Posted by Lamoral View Post
The Attractions (better known as "Elvis Costello's Band") minus Bruce Thomas, who put the "power" in "power pop" and whose bass parts were in many cases the definitive hook of EC's songs. There isn't a single thing Costello recorded after that which even remotely approaches the level of musical engagement that The Attractions had. He did, at least, do the honorable thing by not billing the group as The Attractions after Thomas was out - acknowledging that he could not be replaced.
Ninjaed. I find it humorous that he switched to calling his band "The Imposters," but it's accurate.

Costello has never been a guitar whiz, so Steve Nieve's keyboards and Thomas' bass were the main sound of the band. The bass part on "This Year's Girl" depresses me whenever I try to play it myself.