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Originally Posted by digs View Post
Apparently, I see these bands way too often.

Had tickets for the Doors, Jim Morrison died, and they toured without him. I thought, hey, I love Ray Manzarek's organ work, Robby Kreiger can play guitar, I'll still go. If they'd just done a jazzy instrumental set, I'd've been happy. But they had some bloated no-name trying to sound like Morrison. Painful.
They actually put out a good album without him -- the aptly named Other Voices. The album is uneven, but so are all the albums with Morrison (though their best with him was better).

After the great 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus everyone but the drummer and organist for Spirit remained. They added a couple of musicians, but their album Feedback was a big drop-off and the group's worst up to that point.

The Who was never the same after Keith Moon left. It was forewarned: check out the lettering in front of Keith in Who Are You
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