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The world of country-folk-rock is full of these questions.

Like the quality of different Byrds lineups. The effect of Gene Clark leaving the band, then the firing of Clarke and Crosby (and Jim McGuinn's exile to Rio)... and was the band and the genre ever the same after Gram Parsons died?

Eagles, Flying Burrito Brothers, New Riders of the Purple Sage all had similar personnel changes.

Then there was Poco.

The original core of Furay, Young and Messina post-Buffalo Springfield was great, and Deliverin' is one of the highest-energy live albums I've ever heard. The addition of Paul Cotton was brilliant, but the loss of Richie Furay (their self-styled leader) was a huge change*.

*Many thought that'd be the end of Poco, but as it turned out, Rusty Young was the backbone of the group.
Hmmm, that could be another thread: "Bands that survived/thrived as long as one member stayed".