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Originally Posted by AHunter3 View Post
As a long-term Pink Floyd fan, I am amazed at the outpouring of love for The Final Cut. I rank it absolutely dead last of all the Pink Floyd albums, finding it unlistenable for the most part. Be that as it may, it's not because the loss of Roger Waters wasn't a near-mortal blow for Pink Floyd; it was. But Waters by himself, without the chemical balance of Gilmour and the others, wasn't up to Pink Floyd standards either (and certainly not on TFC). I love The Wall, also, btw. Somehow the pain and misery in that works, and works powerfully, with beautiful and delicate and soul-gripping angst, whereas in the subsequent Final Cut it comes across and petulant and polemical. (The only track on the whole album I can bear to listen to is the short but moving "One of the Few")
It is perhaps the subject and the politics, which rings much truer with a son (me) of the Shipyards, just shut on the Clyde, getting namechecks, and the full scale asset stripping of the country by Thatcher in full flow at that time, leaving the regions and the industry to die.

Dictators (Pinochet) deals as their lone ally in South America on her all or nothing gamble on a war in a forgotten colonial island, saving her from the fact she'd ran the country into the ground over a four year period and was about to lose an election. Marching the poor to their deaths so she can get reelected.

It rings true to certain parts of the UK. I can see why it doesn't ring true for the rest of the world, the same way a Tory voter in London might listen with bafflement and wonder who's complaining about the wonderful boom going on down there.

I completely get why you wouldn't like it.

It wasn't for you. It was for the likes of me....