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Originally Posted by Red Wiggler View Post
How do, or did, Colorado Democrats choose their electors who will appear on the ballot and how did the Baca guy fall through the cracks? I guess I don't really understand the mechanics of our convoluted system.
The way I understand it, we (Americans in general) are voting for a slate of electors who are pledged to vote for one candidate or another.

In other words, we're not electing a President, we're electing a bunch of guys who have said they'll vote for one guy, or a different bunch of guys who have said they'll vote for the other guy.

So when they say that so-and-so won state X, they're saying basically that the majority in that state voted for the slate of electors saying they'll vote for so-and-so.

But some weeks later, the electors themselves actually vote, and the results of that vote are what actually elects the President.

The question that was asked of the Supreme Court is whether a state can decree that each individual elector abide by the results of the vote, or if they can go "rogue" so to speak, and vote for the other guy if they so desire. And the Supreme Court is basically saying that once they're elected, they're participating in a Federal electoral activity where the States themselves have no authority, and there's no Constitutional requirement that the electors hold faith with the popular vote, so the electors can vote how they please without regard to what the State thinks.