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Originally Posted by enalzi View Post
My understanding was that it went like this.

1) There was no way that Trump electors would switch to Clinton.
2) Even if enough Trump electors switched to a third party so no one got to a majority, it would go to the house, who would presumably just pick a Trump.
3) If it goes to the House, they have to pick from the top three vote getters.
4) Kasich would be a better pres than Trump, and might be palatable enough that if it went to the house, they would pick Kasich over Trump.
5) Baca votes for Kasich, in the hopes that if Trump fails to hit 270, Kasich is the third guy that can be voted on.

It wasn't about not supporting Hilary, it was about stopping Trump.
Originally Posted by Northern Piper View Post
According to interviews with him, he changed his mind after the election in November. He was trying to encourage enough electoral voters, particularly Republicans, not to vote for Trump to deny him the majority. I guess he had to prove his good faith (ha!) to those Republican electoral voters by voting for Kasich.
Thanks to both for these answers. That was a pretty convoluted plan.