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Originally Posted by SciFiSam View Post
I think it's missing a few. Adventures in Babysitting was released as A Night on the Town in the UK. I'm not sure why they changed it - there might be a good reason - but it's definitely a blander title.

Several Agatha Christie stories had different names in the US, in addition to And Then There Were None and the 4.50 from Paddington, whose names changes make sense. Death in the Clouds was called Death in the Air, Lord Edgeware Dies was The Sittaford Mystery... Actually, there are so many I'll just put up this link. Most of the changes don't have any obvious cause - it's weird.
Lord Edgeware Dies had the US title Thirteen at Dinner.
The Sittaford Mystery's US title was The Murder at Hazelmoor

Agreed that I don't see a reason to change Adventures in Babysitting to A Night on the Town, I wonder why?

And in response to mbh, I don't think that the change to And Then There Were None was weird, considering the original title, Ten Little N---s

The Sound of Music has oddly translated titles: "La Novicia Rebelde" (the rebel nun) in Spanish, La mélodie du bonheur (the melody of happiness) in French

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