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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
In terms of highly selective colleges (think top 30 in the country) one of the neatest tricks has been convincing upper-middle class white and Asian parents that all "their" slots at these schools have been taken up by under-represented minorities, most especially African Americans, who don't "deserve" the slot.
That is not what this is about but for some reason the people who are defending harvard keep insisting that it is. This is not about black kids and affirmative action. This is about anti-asian discrimination, not AA.

[quote]The reality is that the BEST ways to get into a highly selective college are:
  • Have parents who went there
  • Have parents who have or seem likely to donate large sums of money
  • Attend one of the top 25 or so "independent" schools in the country
  • Be a recruited athlete

And even with these things being corrected for why are white students more likely to be admitted than asian students?

ALL those categories are dominated by rich white elites. But the resentment is aimed at the 7-10% of these schools that are black.
You're not seeing that resentment here regarding the harvard lawsuit.

People who object to AA policies at private schools think that AA is driven by some tree-hugger empathy bullshit. It's not. Elite schools cater to the (very) wealthy. That's who built them, that's who they are for. The very wealthy want to go to school with 1) other very wealthy people 2) interesting people from diverse backgrounds. They don't particularly want to go to school with a bunch of kids who are the children of professionals, who attended a generic "great" high school full of other children of professionals . They want a chance to have a Black Friend, a Gay Friend, A Poor Friend. But not too many.
This sounds like a really good argument for removing their tax exampt status.

I will note that asian admission at harvard this year have reached a 40 year high. Why is the asian population at Harvard the same as it was 40 years ago despite the asian population being about 4 times larger? You sure there's no anti-asian discrimination there?

Everyone who is not full-pay at an elite school has been recruited as a PROP to improve the experiences of the kids that pay. Actual admissions officers are often very well-intentioned and want to help individual kids, but the institutional philosophy is about keeping the school the sort of school that Rich Elites want.

If the T30 schools just quit admitting Black applicants, it would be no easier for middle-class and upper-middle class Asians to get in. They'd just admit more elites.
So in your estimation they are sacrificing rich white students to admit the poor black ones? I have studies that say otherwise. Do you also have studies that support your position?