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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
Not every woke SJW is a baizuo. Perhaps you're not woke enough.
...I'm as woke as fuck. You can't get more woke than me. I'm a card-carrying woke social-justice-fucking-warrior.

Just like not every Trump voter is a racist.

I did answer your question. You asked "what lawsuit". I don't know how to answer it any more clearly than that.
You missed my point.

What question did you answer?
"is that enough background?"

Wait. So you are saying that you don't think that woke SJWs are supporting Harvard's side in this lawsuit? Pfft.
I'm saying you haven't demonstrated "woke SJWs are supporting Harvard's side in this lawsuit."

Once again I would say, look at that long list of amicus briefs written by SJWs.
You need to provide names of these alleged "SJW's", you need to define how you are using the word "SJW."

Look at the parade of articles written by SJWs. You don't see any woke SJWs there?
How the fuck should I know? You haven't cited a parade of articles allegedly written by SJW's. What the fuck are you talking about?

Watch the first episode of Hasan Minhaj series.
This isn't a cite. Its a handwave.

"Do YOU believe that harvard is or may be discriminating against asians in the admissions process?"
What part of "I really don't give a fuck" did you not understand?

Yes, that is becoming quite clear.
LOL. I don't think it is.

Then how the fuck is it relevant that you haven't formed a baizuo-like opinion on the harvard lawsuit? It's like saying "racists in the 1960s used to lynch black people in the south" and you saying "I was a racist in the 1960s and I've never lynched anyone" Oh, BTW I've never been to the south.
This thread isn't about Harvard. Its about woke SJW's. How is Harvard relevant to the OP? It isn't my job to put 2 and 2 together.

Yes of course, you don't want to read the evidence, and you won't take my word for what it says but think I'm making it all up. It's like I'm arguing with a global warming denier.
What the fuck does the Harvard lawsuit have to do with the OP? The lawsuit was only mentioned once on the first page, and that mention wasn't even by you. This thread isn't a Great Debate. Its a rant.

So I say some woke SJWs do X and the only people doing X seems to be woke SJWs. And your response is I am a woke SJW and I don't do X so that proves you're wrong and therefore no woke SJWs do X.
Which woke SJW's are you talking about? Because what you claim these woke SJW's are saying and what woke SJW's actually say and believe are very different things. I've NEVER seen a woke SJW who holds the beliefs and says the things you claim we say ever. You haven't cited a single person who has expressed those views.