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Originally Posted by octopus View Post
I believe you. Itís just I hadnít thought of the reasons in that way before and it seems inhuman and overly exploitive.
It's exaggerated. Even elite colleges need non-full-pay students for their own sake, as the pool of full-pay students is too limited, both numerically and in all sorts of other ways.

Yes, colleges try to "build a community" by choosing a student body that will help make the college look good in a lot of different metrics. But that doesn't mean that the non-full-pay students are merely "props" or "extras" to improve the experience specifically for the full-pays. In fact, sometimes full-pay students are rejected because they seem unlikely to be beneficial to the experience of the other students. It's not in fact all about pandering to the rich, though I won't claim that pandering to the rich never happens.