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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
What's not to like?
Literally everything. Put aside the overbearing ego, ambition, sense of entitlement, compromised values and sheer, monstrous hubris it must take to fight your way into that position.

Just focusing on the job itself you have four-eight years on a hot seat, your every move and bowel movement scrutinized in agonizing detail. Despised by large segments of the country, grudgingly tolerated by many others, pathologically adored by a few( those could be the worst ). The constant stress of knowing that even seemingly small decisions you might make might end in a disaster where not only could you be responsible for many deaths, but you could leave a legacy that will haunt an entire country( and you personally ). A life lived in partial confinement, where even wandering out to grab an In-n-Out burger requires either a ridiculous big production or a Get Smart-style incognito raid. God knows how much premature aging.

And then when it is all over after a few short years of being THE MAN you have a continuing lifetime of partial, security-smothered confinement and periodic bursts of intense, intrusive scrutiny. Paparazzi will be haunting you and nutcases will be picking through your garbage until the day you die. And you aren't just inflicting this on yourself, but on your entire family. After you die they'll still be picking through your kid's garbage.

I wouldn't even want to be a well-known character actor. Being president would be a thousand times worse. It's an utterly shit job. Sadly someone has to do it, but I'm glad it isn't me.

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