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I'd love to be president. Honestly, I think I'm qualified today but I don't believe that other people would agree with me enough for me to raise the money necessary to convince people that I'm awesome. Running for president would suck since you have to deal with people going through your background and defending things you did decades ago. Basically, running for president is letting people try and ruin you life if they succeed you get nothing but a ruined life and if they fail you get a great job. That a tought proposition.

Once you're president though things get pretty good. You get access to information and get to make decisions that will change the world. Of course there is stress but every good job has stress. The only real problem with being president is the pay cut by the time people think your qualified for the job 400k per year isn't that much. The life time pension of that 400k makes up for four years of lower earnings.