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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
It's a position of tremendous power and influence. The pay - $400,000 a year - would be considered fantastic by 99% of Americans. You get to fly aboard the VC-25. You get to enact - or, at least - try to enact whatever policies you've always wanted to see happen but never happened. You eat great food. You get access to classified secrets that many yearn to know but will never know. You leave your mark on history. You get books written about you, any tweet or Facebook post you make will be read by millions..........

What's not to like?
400k seems like a great salary to me until I found out that they donít live in the White House completely free. There are considerable expenses. Of course you can make up for it later. Even presidents like Clinton and Obama who were of relatively modest means can leave the WH as millionaires. Being president has to suck on many levels but being ex-president is the best job in the world.