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Voting by Demographic

Hillary beat Trump 3 to 2 among 18- to 29-year olds.
Hillary beat Trump 6 to 5 among union households.
Trump beat Hillary 10 to 9 among 65+ in age.
Hillary and Trump were tied among those earning $100k or more.
Trump beat Hillary 3 to 2 among whites.

Any of these numbers surprise? Age was not as good a predictor as many think. Neither is the assumption that those with good income are afraid of Democrats. Race is a strong predictor.

Some numbers changed in the 2018 Congressional races:
While white men still favored the R's 3 to 2, white women were evenly split.
The Ds beat the Rs slightly more than 2 to 1 among 18- to 29-year olds.
The Ds lost to the Rs only very slightly among 65+ in age.

Gender and education level have become very strong indicators of the D/R vote:
White men without college favored the Rs 2 to 1.
White women with college favored the Ds 3 to 2.

Turn-out is important. Young people turned out in 2018 at record levels for an "off year."

You can bet that Republican strategists are studying these numbers.