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Originally Posted by XT View Post
Nuclear disarmament isn't silly, in and of itself. I doubt many in this thread are all fired up about having nuclear weapons. I'm certainly not. I hate the evil things, and would be fine if we all got rid of them. But you have to have a rational plan. You don't just wing a major decision and 'see what happens'. That's rarely a good idea even for an individual, let alone a nation state...let alone a superpower that is part of a web of connections and balances.

Let me give you a timely example of what folks have been trying to explain to you...obviously in vain. Take the situation in Syria. Until recently, the US, despite having a very small force, was the balance point maintaining the status quo in the region. No one could or would go outside of certain parameters because they didn't want to risk the US's wrath. Then, a freaking orange haired monkey decided, hell, let's change the equation and 'see what happens'. Who knew it would cause such chaos and shift the balance so much, causing such a humanitarian crisis?? No one could have predicted that (heavy sarcasm here)!!

What you are suggesting is a LOT worse and a lot more destabilizing. It's, seriously, the kind of silly, stupid shit that TRUMP would do on a whim. It's his level of thought and understanding.
I disagree, us having nuclear bombs has not been as effective as you suggest in preventing Russia or others from doing things we don't like.

If you haven't realized it, there are a lot of humanitarian crisis's going on, and we're actually contributing to some of them.