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Well, here's the latest update.

Fund raising is at $1785.00 as of 12 Feb. We decided last week to go ahead and schedule the drilling as it takes a while to get the equipment on site and for the work to be done. Drilling is always the open ended expense as you never know how deep they'll have to go to get water; the average in the southern end of our county is 250-275 feet.

We planned to using our tax refund and additional fundraising to at least get the drilling done while the weather was not as bad as it could have been.

They finished drilling at 605 feet (over two times the average depth here!) and obtained a 2 gallon per minute recovery rate. That's not great but with 585 feet of water in the casing, there's plenty of volume for drawdown. That's the GOOD news; the BAD news is that with drilling, casing and grouting the bill totalled $7,235.00!!!

This blows our estimated cost for the whole project out of sight! We have 30 days before we are past due and the tax refund just isn't enough.

We're asking for your help in getting this resolved; we can work on getting the pump, piping, tank, etc, installed later.

We thank everyone again who has contributed so far.