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Originally Posted by astral View Post
I am old enough to tell you I saw this on TV in the 1960s and it was a hanging person swaying back and forth from a tree. I did not know until a month or so ago about this hanging munchkin story, but I know what I saw because it frightened me and I thought about it at the time, even believing it was part of the movie.

It is upsetting now to think it might have been a real death on screen. It could have been played down as a visual effect and not changed, if it were not real.

Even if you can't believe people would have let someone die and keep the camera rolling, I can tell you that between 1964 and 1968 this was the version on TV, before anyone had color TV or VHS machines.

In fact I registered for this forum today in order to make this post.
Well, welcome, and thanks for the contribution, but I think the short answer is going to be that if there was any such image or event, it would have come to light by now somewhere other than in dim memories of 50-year-old viewings.

Memory is a funny thing. You might want to search for and skim through the thread here on the "alternate ending to the movie Big." Many people are going to go to their graves believing they saw a different ending to that movie than the current release, despite not so much as a still, a grainy YouTube capture or the slightest confirmation from any of the cast or crew that any such ending was considered, scripted or shot.

I will concur with you that as a kid watching it on TV, I found Wizard of Oz inexplicably creepy in many ways.

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