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WillFarnaby, there is no point in debating this with Shodan. I'm telling you this now. There is no defense for Zimmerman that doesn't necessitate being unfairly biased against the kid he killed. You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.

Originally Posted by WillFarnaby
Thereís no evidence that Martin sought to confront and beat up Zimmerman. If his doubling back is evidence he was looking for Zimmerman, than why isnít Zimmermanís pursuit evidence he was looking to nab Martin?
This is a question that anyone remotely familiar with this case should agree is a good one. If a big strange guy was chasing after a skinny teenaged girl, no one would be questioning her conduct. We'd all get that she was afraid, and thus, take it as a given that all of her actions should be judged through the lens of a panicked person.

But Martin is not afforded that consideration because it's treated as a given that he was the bad guy in this scenario. Not the big strange guy with the arrest record, whose main accomplishments in life include stalking and felony assault charges.