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My wife hates horror and disturbing movies and recently she and the boys were out of town so I binged. I recently watched:

Martyrs - A disturbing film no doubt. Sort of like Hostel + Christianity. Not for those of weak constitution but an interesting angle on the genre.

Insidious - I heard this was a great haunting movie but I wasn't that into it. Too poltergeist for me, plus the big baddie was good for the smash cut scares but when shows for an extended period was kind of hilarious. It was ok but I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

Sinister - Another ghost movie that also has elements of snuff films to it. I found this to be much scarier and disturbing than Insidious. Despite some of the plot weirdness I feel it's the far superior ghost film.

Last House on the Left (remake) - It was weird seeing Ricki from Garfunkel and Oates and Burt from Raising Hope in these roles but for a remake it was good. It toned down some of the ridiculous elements of the original and made some of the scenes much more visceral and horrible. The very end was a bit contrived and not great though.

Mysterious Skin - Not a murder mystery or a scary flick but more one that shows some of the impacts to the lives of people who are sexually abused as children. Hard to watch at times but also very very well done. I would highly recommend this one. But also - not for those with delicate sensibilities. Of all the films this one had the greatest impact on me.