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Originally Posted by Melbourne View Post
...Except for pancakes. I can't get a decent pancake at home.
That's funny, because I never eat pancakes out. I'm not a huge pancake fan, and it's just not worth eating mediocre pancakes. But my husband loves pancakes, and makes really superb pancakes. So I often eat his.

Originally Posted by Jackmannii View Post
My major problem with restaurant ''pie'' is that it's seldom that.

Usually it's semi-pie ingredients mixed with something else, or a kind of cobbler concoction that only slightly resembles real pie.

Good luck finding actual apple (or other) pie on a restaurant menu.
I'm curious what, in your opinion, makes it not pie?

I generally consider it pie if it has two crusts, possibly even if it just has a bottom crust and is otherwise pie-like. Commercial pie is often icky, in my experience, but I consider it pie. Just bad pie.

Originally Posted by bump View Post
...freshly harvested asparagus is so much different than the stuff you get at stores and restaurants, that anything except spears I picked within the last day (usually within the last 15 minutes) is invariably disappointing.
Mmmm. I used to grow asparagus. Yeah, I often just picked it and ate it raw in the garden, standing next to the plant. That's SO much better than store-bought asparagus. I like the store bought stuff too, though.