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Originally Posted by Alpha Twit View Post
I've never actually tried this but it sounds amazing and stupidly simple to make.

2 pounds pork belly, skin removed
Kosher salt
2 cups red wine (full bodied like Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon)
2 cups sugar
Fresh thyme

The recipe comes from an episode of BASICS WITH BABISH where accompanied by guest chef Isaac Toups, a variety of cajun foods are prepared. This basically boils down to candied pork belly A.K.A. pig crack.
Rillons and rillettes (and rillauds for that matter) are kissing cousins in that they're all made in the same manner. The only difference is the size and texture of the finished product, and maybe the part of the pork that is used and the region in France where it was originally made, if you want to get technical.

I've never heard of Cajun rillons/candied pork belly but I'm thinking the "candied" part is a mistranslation or misunderstanding of "confit", which is the type of cooking method used to make rillons and rillettes. I've often seen confit translated to English as "candied" in French menus which used to confuse me, but seeing that fruit confit uses sugar for preservation, it kind of cleared up how they got to that translation.