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Originally Posted by Nava View Post
One of the consequences of NAFTA was precisely that many people who previously did not need visas to travel to Mexico, and minimal paperwork to get a work permit (when needed), now do need visas and more paperwork.

Whether the Mexican government has the resources to deport them, or the political will to do so with the immense majority whose only crime (if any) is not having requested Visas and other documents before getting to Mexico's southern border, is a different matter. And why should Mexico be the ones who take care of all the poor, downtrodden masses in the rest of Latin America, when so much of the downtrodding has been done by, cough cough, someone other than Mexico, is yet a different matter.

A Costa Rican coworker once described his own country, and by extension Hispanic America, as having "a family problem between The Mother Country (Spain) and Big Brother (the US)". They tend to have sibling friction as well, but a lot of fundamental things including legal structures have their roots in that initial dichotomy.
Awesome post -- thanks.