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Originally Posted by Kearsen1 View Post
Again, if racist teachers were the giant 800 lb gorilla in the room, do you not think it would be addressed? By the schools who fear civil cases? By the teachers union who fear bad press? By the actual schools who would not like to be seen as harboring racist teachers?
I am not saying it doesn't happen. I am sure that it does, racism is not eradicated from todays world but what it is, is no longer acceptable and would be dealt with quickly.
No, this isn't true. You can take it from a practicing civil rights lawyer. There is very little litigation over racially disparate discipline, for a whole range of reasons. Mainly, no single student subject to unfair discipline has any significant damages. Also, student data is subject to pretty strict privacy protections that judges are reluctant to override.

Schools and teacher unions in many places are aware of the problem and accept that it means they need to change. In many places, they have led or joined the very reforms being criticized in this thread.

Obviously, like most examples of racism in America, there is almost certainly two things at work: there is some actual difference in behavior that results from the other social effects of racism before kids get to school and outside school, and there is also some difference in how that behavior is disciplined. The same is true in policing and courts and many other contexts. So it isn't right to blame solely teacher bias, but no one is doing that.