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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
IQ1: Are you now a running back for the NY Jets, after sitting out 2918 on the Steelers' bench?
IQ2: Are you head coach of the LA Chargers?
IQ3: Are you QB for the Indianapolis Colts?
Dunno x3.

Originally Posted by De La Rue View Post

1. Were you Jon Arbuckle's roommate?
2. Did you say, regarding the request to rename your newspaper comic, "They could have called it Revenge of the Zucchini People for all I cared"?
3. In cartoons by Rube Goldberg, were you an inventor of elaborate and unusual machines for everyday tasks?
Also dunno x3.


1. fictional
2. female
3. last name starts with L
4. by an American author or authors
5. from a work of prose literature
6. created before 1949
7. created after 1900
8. a main character
9. adapted to film or TV
10. probably older than 30
11. Caucasian
12. not from horror/fantasy/science fiction genres
13. created after 1930
14. not adapted to film only