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Originally Posted by Tripler View Post
I take this as your substantiated admission that you travel for sex purposes. Brothels are legal in other countries--means nothing for me here. I mock you for your arrogance (and stupidity) in it.

You willing to bet your future employment on that?
It is legal to travel for the purpose of sex, so long as the women are 18 or older. Also it is legal to break the law in other countries, as far as U.S. law is concerned, with rare exceptions. And finally, it is legal, inside the U.S., to travel for the purpose of sex, and to go to a brothel. Literally that is what it means in many cases to "take a trip to Vegas".

You can safely assume that any man unaccompanied by a woman who went to Vegas at least encountered a hooker, even if they didn't actually partake. And yes, it's fucking legal to go to the Netherlands, where any reasonable "investigator" is going to safely assume the person who did this might have fucked hookers in the red light district or smoked the Mary Jane or probably both.

So fuck you. And I'll make sure to post my Ukrainian travel photos to my facebook page. Also my coworkers all know I went there.

Now, sure, top secret jobs with a polygraph, like you claim to have, yeah, you gotta keep your nose pretty damn clean. Sucks to be you in that respect. (but sure, you have some job security as a result. Just don't fail the polygraph, remember it's not a scientifically validated test and it is possible to fail for a crime you didn't commit.)

I'm sure all the Ukraine and Czech Republic and other country's visas on my passport will fail me on the SF 86. Good times, and worth it.

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