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Originally Posted by Charlie Wayne View Post
I am so surprised by this post because I saw:

The Water Diviner & A Most Violent Year and at the time I watched them, I thought I should post about them to warn people off. But then I thought, "No one will ever agree with me on these."

So pleased to find someone who is not afraid to speak a simple truth like, "The Emperor is not wearing any clothes!"

Well done!

Recently I saw Camp X-Ray and found it very touching and engrossing. Two brilliant performances.

The Wedding Ringer A good idea, badly executed. A shame as it's quite original, rather than the remakes Hollywood seems to depend on for BO success.

Downfall Not heard of it but seen the parody clips on Youtube many times. It's certainly a different take on the events, well worth a watch.

Selma I thought it was very well-written, the acting was flawless all of the way through, and another interesting take on past events.

Altman I was hoping for a lot more, considering the 'cast' (who only had one line each. WTH? They got them all into a studio to do one line?)

Grace is Gone A very touching, gentle, sometimes funny story, I admit I welled up at the end. I thought I'd find Cusack annoying but he played out of his comfort zone really well.

Antarctica: A Year On Ice Gorgeous photography, and a hugely interesting topic. As soon as it finished I was online reading about their lives and looking at job ads.