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MotW: While We're Young. Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried.

The older couple befriend the younger couple. Problems ensue.

Stiller is a stuck-in-a-rut documentary maker. Watts is the daughter of a famous documentarian (played by the always wonderfully grumpy Charles Grodin) and the latter's producer. Driver is a wanna-be documentary maker with Seyfried his wife/partner.

There are two parts to the movie: The problems and ethics of documentary making, etc. And the awareness of getting older and not wanting to give up on youth. The latter is the real story. It's what at the heart. The former is merely the framework around which it is told. And, despite taking up a lot of screen time, it nicely doesn't get in the way of the real topic.

It's labeled as a comedy-drama but it's mainly a drama with a few lighter moments. BTW: of the main 4 cast members, Watts doesn't really do the lighter stuff well. The other 3 are great. Should've gone with someone else.

Basically a very decent film. Worth watching. 84% at RT. Slightly higher than I would have predicted.

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