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We watched What We Do in the Shadows for the MotW.

By some of the folks who did Flight Of The Conchords.

A mockumentary about vampires living in New Zealand.

Meh. It was really stretched out. The jokes were few and weak. If it had been a half-hour show, it would have been halfway funny.

I should have known from the "mockumentary" part to avoid it. That schtick is really wearing thin. And in this case, the "documentary crew" had to be huge, prescient and invisible to most people/creatures. Should have done a straightforward film.

OTOH, Taika Waititi as one of the lead vampires is someone to watch. According to IMDb "He is of Maori and European-Jewish descent." Well, that explains that. Guaranteed to be funny right there.

How this got 94% at RT is beyond me.