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Hopefully the final entry from the Tedious Self-Correction Dept.:

Originally Posted by Guest-starring: Id! View Post
...Steve Howe harmonics...
Actually Howe is just playing two very, very high notes.

more Beatles:

Lovely Rita: the shuffling sound (shaker?) at 0:41 . Or maybe aroused hyperventilation - either way, gives the song a little bit of racey, goofy momentum.

Groovy, "Chick-magnet-y" "Baby You Can Drive My Car" guitar intro.

The two descending kettle drum hits in "Every Little Thing".

Before "Taxman" starts, George(?) stealthily goes "one, two three, four, one, two" and immediately Paul (?) yells "go!" and the song kicks right in. Nice little cough in there, too.

In "You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)", this salsa (bossa nova?) passage comes to a down-and-dirty 1-2-3 stop, followed by a simply scorching (almost cathartically emphatic, dare I say) "OOO!" from Paul and John, at 1:37 . ok - to split hairs - I think Paul goes "ooo!" just a goat-hair before John yells "Oh!"

In "Don't Make Me Cry", coming out of the break (near end of song), how Ringo hits the hi-hat twice, and then two quick kicks, and finishing with a bam-bam, bam, bam-bam on the snare, starting at 2:47 .

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