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Originally Posted by Frazzled View Post
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It made sense to me that the vacuum cleaner man would make a deal over $1800. He's a stickler for details and his word is his bond. If he's expected to keep his word to every last detail then he expects the same of his clients.
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Originally Posted by Horatio Hellpop View Post
I could see his point. Everyone has a sad story and if he eats $1800 for one client, it won't be the last time he does it.
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It makes perfect sense to me. His encounter with Jesse was becoming a cascade of exceptions. Doesn't know the password, doesn't call the phone per protocol, already had his chance and blew it off - isn't supposed to have another one coming. Lou has to maintain strict control or his services are useless. And he had to regain control over Jesse.

Plus, he was going to be leaving Jesse without even five bucks for gas. Hardly an auspicious beginning. By forcing him to go out and get more he assumed Jesse would come back with more than the minimum, which he did.

Honestly, the one thing that struck me wrong was Jesse forcing himself into that tiny space in the U-Haul. Anyone could see why it was necessary, but I don't think a man with his layers of abuse could have made himself do it, much less willed himself to remain silent in there. Prisoners who spend too much time in isolation forget all about filtering the noises they make.