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Originally Posted by enalzi View Post
Honestly, losing out might not be the worst strategy. The other tribe is 4-4, and they don't know what's going on over there. If they win, the other tribe might end up knocking out a bunch of old Vokai. If they lose the next two, getting rid of the old Lairo, it would be a better post-merge situation.
That was my thought exactly. It seems odd to deliberately weaken your tribe by keeping Karishma, but the downside of continuing to lose is severely reduced by having two "easy votes" in Dean and Karishma. Especially when you know there is a decent chance that winning a challenge actually costs your original tribe a member (depending on how the 4-4 split goes down). Really odd dynamic that put Tom in a very tough spot.

Also the game has really moved to a "vote out anybody that is even remotely a threat as soon as you can" mentality. An unfortunate side effect being folks like Karishma and Noura (and to some extent Dean who hasn't shown himself to be particularly astute) stick around far longer than they "should".