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I saw it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the cars, and enjoyed seeing all the 1960s and some 50s cars. Iíve got a Porsche 356, and enjoyed Shelby driving his red one.

One question, it wasnít clear to me and maybe it was explained in the film and I missed it, but when the GT40 is first introduced in the movie, it is shown with a jet plane in the background (this isnít my question but was that a Lockheed L-1011?). My question is, where did the GT40 come from? There wasnít any story about it being created and built. Did they buy it from another company?
As with many things in the movie, they kind of glossed over that.

Ford went to Lola before they went to Shelby. The first GTs were made in collaboration with Lola. These were the ones that failed to finish Le Mans. THEN they were given intact to Shelby.