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Originally Posted by eschereal View Post
You are mistaken on two points. The first two commas are unmistakably there. The third comma (between “Arms” and “shall”) looks like a single dot (period), as though the scribe has just dipped his pen and rested it there momentarily before resuming writing. I can imagine commas ending up in inappropriate places in the pen-dipping days.

But you are correct that there is no way to parse the sentence with any number of commas that makes it grammatical. Oddly, 2A appears to be the only part of the Constitution that resists clear interpretation; 7A is slightly awkward, but it does resolve with much less difficulty.

On the second point, wherefore dost thou accuse me of link-rot? I posted no links in this thread – can you direct me to my error?
I agree that it is the third "comma" that is most defective. I have no problem with the second comma, but EITHER the first comma OR the third comma OR both renders the sentence ungrammatical, and arguably turns the whole Amendment into a null-and-void covfefe. (And I'd like to see cites from DrDeth ["Grammar wasn't the same or as hidebound in 1787"] that such hideously placed commas were common in the 18th century.)

As for the link: I think you misinterpreted my remark. I was thanking you for the link you posted in 2015 which worked fine when I clicked it four years ago. But when I clicked it again today the .gov asked me for useless clicks. I tried — I don't know if that made much difference — and still needed extra clicks to get to the image. (Maybe it was my "cockpit error.")