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Baseball layman question (not worth its own thread):

Is it really necessary for the 3rd strike to be treated differently than the first 2 strikes, in terms of the ball glancing off of the bat? Why not just treat it the same, so that the 3rd time the ball glances off of the bat, it's still a strike? It would prevent some of those super-long-at-bat situations.
Oh my, this would be a drastic change with severe consequences. A lot of good hitters, hitters that don't strike out much (relative in today's MLB) are skilled at fouling off good pitches with two strikes. Spoiling pitch after pitch is called having a good at bat, and the drama of those two-strike foul balls is actually appealing to many fans, myself included. A foul ball strike three would speed up the game, yes, but it would also make it so much more boring.