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Originally Posted by Caldris bal Comar View Post
If I was a fan of a competitive AL team, I would be upset about the Greinke trade. Luckily, I'm a fan of the Orioles.

That said, if the Tigers couldn't win with the Verlander/Scherzer/Price/Fister/Sanchez rotation, I wouldn't count my chickens right now if I were an Astros fan.
The lineup is probably a bit better than the Tigers's was. Even as well as former Astro J.D. Martinez ended up doing there.

Player: OPS+
Alvarez 188
Springer 153
Bregman 141
Brantley 139
Altuve 132
Correa 127
Guriel 124

even the catcher has an OPS+ of 115.

It's a pretty damned good team. And they only had to historically tank for three years to help make it.

Still, what did the Mariners win in 2001, 116 games? And lost the ALCS to the Yankees. How many rings did all of those great Braves teams win, with Glavine to Maddox to Smoltz?

It's not a sure thing, but I definitely like Greinke on the team more than him not being on the team.
even Chirinos at 115 isn't bad.